Beer tasting with a cyber tongue

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Beer Bottoms up! We’re helping to brew the perfect ale with our Cybertongue® technology.

By Angela Beggs

Last weekend saw the kick off of Good Beer Week. In celebration of this wonderful week, we thought we’d take the hop-portunity to talk about some science that could make it easier for brewers of the future to keep making the best tasting beer.

As all beer fanatics would know, most beer is made from four key ingredients. Barley, water, hops and yeast.

For a brew of the perfect pale ale, you need to extract the sugars from grains (usually barley) so that the yeast can turn it into alcohol and carbon dioxide, creating beer.

Simple, right? Wrong. There are many components of beer that affect the smell, taste and the way it feels when it hits your taste buds.

Our experts in microfludics have used a biosensor to measure the levels of…

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The Beautiful and Damned

cspens6The Independent recently did a fine piece on the artwork of my co-conspirator the magnificent Christiana Spens. It’s devastating and yet something of a relief when you see a real artist at work, someone with a instinctive eye for line and perspective, who can turn a glamorous fashion design into an atmospheric, elegiac even sinister scene (given even her doodles seem to have a hidden narrative, you can tell she’s also a talented writer),

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Friday Mystery Photo

Places Unknown

For folks in US, any cool plans for the Memorial Day weekend? Extra day is always nice to have. We are going for a two, well, almost three day wedding extravaganza. It starts on Saturday evening and ends on Monday afternoon. That is going to be interesting.

I took this photo in early September with all those water lilies or whatever they are in full bloom and size. In May it is pretty much empty, at least of any flowers, there are probably a lot of different fishes there at the moment.

Where is it?

Click me!!!

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Interview with Sue Rowland

Gotta Find a Home:

Originally posted on Journal with Sue by Sue Rowland

A Friend to the Homeless: Interview with Dennis Cardiff

dennis cardiff author smaller size

Once in a while you come across a couple of bloggers who really catch your attention. You wait eagerly for the next installment.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Dennis Cardiff, an extraordinary listener. His blog is Gotta Find A Home  and his new book by the same titleGotta Find a Home, Conversations with Street People, is coming out soon. Check out the give-away and promos for it.

I found out how talented and modest Dennis is after he agreed to do an interview. He is also a serious artist!  Added to his art and writing, Cardiff also is a poet. His own story is one that inspires compassion and motivation.

Here is the interview:

SRWhat got you started in writing?


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