The Happy Accidents.

Phil Kneen Photography

Film guide set to 6×4.5cm instead of 6x6cm. Drunk. (Holga, Kodak Portra 400)

Serendipity, the pleasant surprises, happen a lot in film photography because there is so much that can go wrong – knocking a dial here, forgetting to change setting there. My favourite is forgetting to change the film speed, I regularly shoot film at the totally wrong ISO. Most film cameras have a little slot on the back where you can slide-in a piece of the film packaging to remind you what emulsion you’re shooting, but I usually forget to do that.

Changed film, still forgot to change film guide. More drunk. (Holga, Fuji Acros 100)

So, I’ll wait until I’ve shot 15 or 20 rolls of film, that can take a day or up to two weeks, before I send them off for processing. The developed films return in a big fat brown package. I always do…

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