R.I.P, Miss Holga…

Phil Kneen Photography

I smashed my Holga beyond repair today, even duct tape couldn’t save it. I went to kneel down to take a photograph, as I did I dropped the camera and kneeled on it, my full seventeen and a half stone concentrated on the Holga with the road beneath. It stood no chance whatsoever, the lens pushed into the body, smashing it in to about ten pieces. I’d claim on the insurance, but hey, I can get a new one for £20…but I’m still a bit upset, I kind of liked that camera. All these images are from the last 3 rolls of film.
So, these will be the last Holga images I’ll be posting for a while, I ordered a new Holga GCFN to replace the dead one and while I was at it I bought a Holga 120 Panoramic too. They probably won’t arrive before I go to Canada…

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