Facebook’s product guy is right, the media sucks — but journalists are also right: Facebook has to share the blame


Facebook (s fb) director of product Mike Hudack lit the fuse on a massive powder-keg of emotion on Thursday, when he posted a rant about the current state of the media. In Hudack’s view, too much of what currently passes for journalism is shallow click-bait. Almost immediately, you could hear journalists across the country popping blood vessels: After all, isn’t the fact that click-bait reigns supreme at least partly Facebook’s fault?

In his post, Hudack says that CNN has become “the network of kidnapped white girls” and that the nation’s newspapers have been mostly “hollowed out” and are “ghosts in a shell.” Meanwhile, BuzzFeed gets criticized for being mostly listicles, and Vox gets slammed for not providing the kind of serious journalism that the Facebook product manager says he was hoping for:

“Personally I hoped that we would find a new home for serious journalism in a format that…

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